MD4ME: Transforming Lab results Data into Information and Knowledge!

Billions of Lab Tests are performed each year
The global market for clinical laboratory is expected to reach USD 148.82 billion by 2020, growing at an estimated CAGR of 6.8% from 2014 to 2020, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc.

But the Big raw and unstructured Lab Results Data is the Big Problem:

Misdiagnosis & other medical errors

Hard-to-understand data to patients

Our Mission

MD4ME’s mission is to redesign Healthcare through innovation technologies in Digital Health - to get patients more information about their health when they need it.

What We Do

For patients:

MD4ME delivers easier-to-follow information to patients about their health based on lab test results interpretation and providing actionable recommendations!


For lab providers:

MD4ME provides cost saving, improves the efficiency and data quality to labs in Laboratory Testing Workflow process. On direct-to-consumer lab testing market MD4ME increases provider's revenues by enabling them to provide patients more valuable information about their health!


​For EHR & LIMS vendors:

MD4ME creates additional useful module for lab data analytics and decision support!


For Pharma & CRO:

MD4ME creates analytic reports, helps to search different diseases including rare diseases to enrollment patients in clinical trials!


We are transforming Lab Data to complete understanding for patients

MD4ME clinical decision support system was created by practicing doctors and engineers to help providers and their patients make important health decisions. MD4ME uses rule-based and machine learning engine for analytics of unstructured health data (lab test results and symptoms). We are structuring lab data for better understanding.

MD4ME can answer routine questions providers and patients face every day:

- Causes of lab test deviations
- The most probable diagnosis
- Suggestions for additional tests to perform
- Emergency level for patient condition
- Additional clinical recommendations

MD4ME works with different kinds of lab tests:
- Common Blood Count
- Coagulation Panel
- Basic Metabolic Panel
- Liver Function Panel
- Electrolyte Panel
- Lipid Profile
- Renal Panel
- Thyroid Function Panel and others.

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